I spoke with six different California trial attorneys that dismissed my chance of recovering money owed on a breach of contract case. Allan, researched beyond the surface of what the other attorneys based their decision on and felt confident my case was worth pursuing. He came to trial well prepared and won the case !
He is a great attorney and a great guy, I consider him now a friend and would highly recommend him.
Thomas E.
Pompano Beach, FL

I had Allan review some documents for me that were time sensitive and he did a great job! He is thorough, listens to what you want, makes suggestions and is timely. He explains the law in an easily understandable way. He has his clients’ best interests in mind and cares. Thank you!
Angie A.
Fullerton, CA

Allen Perry listened to my problem and was very knowledgable about what I was told was a rare real estate issue. He offered me ways to save money and time dealing with that issue. Allen has an expert staff and is guaranteed to be able to help you out.
Michael K.
Brea, CA

Allan Perry is by far the best Attorney I have ever dealt with, he was a God send to me and my family.

Allan was the key factor in saving our home after we were facing immanent foreclosure. We attempted to negotiate with ASC/Wells Fargo, for more than 2 years, on our own and with a third party “foreclosure negotiation” company. After agreeing to a short sale, Wells Fargo was attempting to back out of the deal and with their extremely deep pockets and their team of attorneys, we were no match.

Allan Perry was retained and fought like a pit bull on steroids against this huge corporation of intimidating thugs. I am a Disabled Veteran, with very limited knowledge of the judicial system, it was not only appreciated, but impressive to watch Allan Perry to go to battle on behalf of our family.

If it was not for the amazing professionalism, dedication and ethics of Allan E. Perry, myself, my wife and our five kids would be out on the streets and homeless. We will remain forever grateful to Mr. Perry.

I would recommend Allan E. Perry for any legal matters that you may have.
Ken M.
Guasti, CA

Mr. Perry represented me in a family law court case in the county of Riverside.  Due to Mr. Perry’s excellent preparation, professional court room demeanor, and clear explanation of my case, I obtained a judgment in my favor in all items that were addressed.  The fees for the legal services I received were very reasonable.  Mr. Perry was very prompt in returning my phone calls and made himself available to address my concerns and reduce my anxiety regarding the case. He was also very professional and personable. Mr. Perry is a very skilled family law attorney and I highly recommend his services.
Rhonda M.
Brea, CA

OMG. This office ROCKS!!!! We could not have asked for a better attorney or staff when dealing with a lawsuit recently. Mr. Perry and his staff fought for my family in a wrongful death case. He got my family the justice that was needed and was caring and compassionate as well. His office staff was there every step to help with questions whenever necessary. I would STRONGLY recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Mr. Perry, et al.
Denise O.
Phoenix, AZ

I was involved in a difficult business lawsuit, as well as a cross complaint. We had a different attorney representing us, who we had to fire just 2 months before we were to go to trial. We were fortunate to have found Alan Perry, who agreed to take our case. Many attorneys turned us down, since it was so last minute, but Alan agreed. We were unable to get the trial postponed due to my prior attorneys negligence, so Alan had to really cram for the trial. We went to trial against a fully prepared attorney representing the defendants. We won on ALL counts, and Alans knowledge, and trial tactics were outstanding! The amount the jury awarded was far above what we were expecting! Hes an incredible attorney in front of a jury, and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who needs a great lawyer.
Brittany E.
Laguna Niguel, CA