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Allan E. Perry, is a successful and experienced trial attorney that specializes in handling business law, family law (child custody/visitation, divorce, support, restraining orders) real estate and personal injury matters.  With 2 convenient Orange County locations in Brea and Garden Grove, the Law Offices of Allan E. Perry can provide excellent legal representation throughout  Southern California. Allan E. Perry is a highly qualified and knowledgeable Orange County Attorney and has been successful in over 50 trials! Initial consultations are free and discounts are available to Orange County customers.

Of the many law firms that you have to choose from, The Law Offices of Allan E. Perry is among the select few that has extensive hands-on experience in courtroom. The majority of attorneys in California have tried less than 10 cases in court. With attorneys that have such little trial experience, it's impossible to feel secure letting them handle your important cases such as:  business litigation issues (including contract disputes and money owed claims), real estate litigation cases (such as fraud, breach of contract, non-disclosures, defects, mold, foreclosures and short sales), family law matters (such as child custody, child visitation, support, divorce and restraining orders), and personal injury matters (such as automobile accidents and slip/trip and falls). Typically, experienced trial attorneys can obtain better settlements prior to trial from opposing parties and insurance companies which saves you time and money by not even having to go to court.    

The Law Offices of Allan E. Perry is also highly experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants in professional negligence cases, including legal and medical malpractice.  

Attorney Allan E. Perry is diligent in his determination to get his clients' the best possible outcome in every case. He is rigorous in his preparation, and seasoned in the courtroom. He is well-rounded, aggressive and accomplished at meeting your changing legal needs. The Law Offices of Allan E. Perry is a highly respected law firm that will get you through whatever legal challenges life throws at you now and in the future.

Practice Areas:

Business Law
Family Law
Civil Litigation
Insurance Defense
Real Property Law
Personal Injury

Employment Law Professional Liability